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Unemployment and Underemployment

The unemployment rate is 7.9% according to the latest figures. I think it's higher when you consider the people who are underemployed.  I know plenty of them, and live with one of them. I think it's tragic when people who have college degrees (even graduate degrees) cannot find work in a field that reflects the hard work and money they put into attaining that education. It's beyond frustrating when those same people are forced to work in a service industry position at 28 - 32 hours per week for $8.00 per hour. Yes, they are thankful for work so they can pay at least some of their bills and feed their families. But, many have lost homes that they bought during much better times, many are not able to pay for their children's college education, many have had to use whatever savings they had just to stay afloat, many have had to file bankruptcy because their earnings dropped so drastically. And, there are those who cannot find any job. I know some people believe that isn't possible, but it is. Many minimum wage employers will not hire someone who used to earn $30-50k per year (or more) because they know they are way overqualified for the job; they may not fit in with other employees who may have little or no education. They will be on the lookout for a better paying job, and will leave if it arrives. Of course, there are some exceptions to this; occasionally, it works out. We need a good economy, we need businesses who are ready and willing to hire people, and we need good incomes. People need to be able to work so they can pay for the things they need and want, and not be hesitant to dream!!

No Reason to be Rude

I recently posted something in one of my experience groups.  A few days later I noticed that there were replies to it.  Each reply was extremely rude.  I wondered ....WHY??  Why would anyone choose to say something rude to a person they don't even know?  For the record, I don't make nasty comments to others.  If I don't agree with you I will find a way to say so without putting you down.

This world is crazy enough.  Is it really too much to ask for us to be civil and decent to one another? 

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